Health Care

Collaborating to transform healthcare’s frontline

As the nation celebrates the 70th year of the NHS and all that it has achieved, there has also been focus on its long-term sustainability and what the future might hold. There’s no denying that there continues to be a spotlight on the increasing pressure on hospitals, particularly as
we enter the winter period.

The government has announced increases in NHS funding over five years, beginning in 2019/20, with the NHS tasked with contributing to a ten-year plan for how this funding will be used.

Like most NHS Trusts, we are always on the lookout for ways to improve patient outcomes and productivity without driving higher costs. When our orthopaedic product tender came up for renewal, we saw the opportunity to do things differently. We wanted to find a solution that supported our mission to transform the service provided to patients and improve pathways to care through innovation.

Defining the objectives of the partnership

In short, we set out to find an external partner that would help us do a number of things, such as improving patient outcomes whilst reducing time spent in hospital; releasing capacity in our orthopaedic theatres; increasing the Trust’s income by improving patient throughput; optimising the patient pathway through raising the standard of clinical practice; and achieving good value in procurement by innovating in the way we undertake commercial partnerships.

When Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies (JJMDC) put in its tender, which included the value-based CareAdvantage offering, we were really pleased as we felt that this matched what we were setting out to achieve.

Diagnostic and goal-setting

A dedicated team was put on-site to work with us and, following an extensive diagnostic exercise to identify areas of improvement, a number of plans and ways of working were put in place to help us meet our objectives of delivering increased utilisation of hospital resources, specifically via: