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Learn the ins & outs of social media with this training

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Social media has a reputation for encouraging organic engagement and increasing traction (and sales) at most companies. Unfortunately, if you don’t know how to use social media (especially as a marketer), it can feel like a confusing mess. Each platform reaches specific audiences and the messaging for each has different requirements — and deciphering which ones are the appropriate ones to leverage can be difficult. This Social Media Marketing In 2019 Bundle shows you how to utilize everything from YouTube to Instagram, Facebook to LinkedIn and more — so you can create powerful, effective marketing campaigns that reach a wider audience.

This bundle includes six courses that demonstrate how to use the platforms to build a following on each and turn user engagement into dollars. From using Twitter to boost web traffic and sales to sponsoring Facebook ads and increasing your YouTube video views, you’ll learn immediately applicable strategies to augment your digital marketing strategies.

Discover tactics to reach new users, including younger audiences: explore techniques for developing viral YouTube videos, to monetizing your Instagram profile with images that attract the users you want.