Street Food

The creators of Chef’s Table are bringing Street Food to Netflix

Chef’s Table on Netflix travelled the world showing how culinary masters create their delicious works of art. But while the hit series many have caused many mouths to water, actually eating some of the food featured in it might not be that accessible to most travellers.

Luckily, a new Netflix series from the creators of Chef’s Table will highlight cuisine that you can easily sample on your next trip. ‘Street Food’ will explore the incredible and accessible culture of street food around the world. The first season will visit nine different places in Asia, highlighting the people behind the stalls and the food they create.

Street food in Indonesia. Image by Martin Westlake/Netflix

The first episode will kick off in the iconic street food city of Bangkok, Thailand. One of the chefs featured is Jay Fai, who recently earned a Michelin star in the first-ever Bangkok guide for her famous dishes like crab omelettes and drunken seafood noodles.

The season’s second episode will explore Osaka, Japan – as city often known as Japan’s kitchen. In Delhi, India, the third episode will feature dishes like the chaat, buffalo stew favoured by Delhi’s Muslim community, seekh kebabs, and more. In Yogyakarta, Indonesia viewers will see 100-year-old Mbah Lindu, who is one of the oldest street food cooks in the world, and learn about the famous sweet jajan pasar.

Yoonsun Cho prepares street food in South Korea. Image by Jisang Chung/Netflix

Other episodes will focus on street food chefs in: Chiaya, Taiwan; Seoul, South Korea; Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; Singapore; and Cebu City, Philippines.

Is your mouth watering already? The series will be on Netflix on 26 April. Anyone who wants to learn to cook the world’s best street food for themselves can check out Lonely Planet’s World’s Best Street Food.