Street Food

Where to eat the best Indian street food in Dubai

India is one of the most diverse countries in the world. Every 50 kilometers within the country, you will come across not just a new dialect and language but also a different kind of food. This diversity reflects strongly in the street food culture as well. Perhaps that’s why Indian street food is so popular across the world and not just in India.

We tried some of the famous dishes which are popular from the streets of India in two different venues in Dubai, both widely different from each other in terms of ambience and price but they had one thing in common – a shared passion to satisfy your taste buds.

We attended the Thursday Indian street food night at Ewaan, Palace Downtown, where we were spoilt for choice. With pani puri and chaat counters, you can enjoy the burst of flavors in your mouth, and follow it up with some sweet rose water or tangy mint lemon juice.

The buffet massively specialises in Indian food from different parts of the country but you will also find Continental and Arabic dishes here.

We love Indian food beyond the regular popular choices such as butter chicken and prawn bhunna. We found some of the rare gems from India, our favorite being Meen Pollichathu, the South Indian dish where the fish is steamed and cooked in banana leaf with different spices to give a new life to your culinary senses. The fish literally melts in your mouth. We also fell in love with the dry banana cooked in dry coconut.

Rajasthani food which is always rich with the use of  exotic spices also occupied an important place in the buffet. Executive Chef Avinash Mohan has curated lip-smacking street fare featuring over 50 delicious food dishes from different states of India. Our favorite dessert was the cold and fresh frozen kulfi.

We ended our meal with the delicious masala chai. This was a true celebration of the various street food delicacies from around the cities of India.

Ewaan at Palace Downtown 

Date: Every Thursday

Time: 7pm to 11.30pm

Price: Starts from Dhs 240 

Call 04 8883444 for reservations

What a Pao! 

If you are from Mumbai, you definitely know the magic of vada pao. This delicious stuffing of potato in gram batter is one of the most popular snacks in Mumbai. We were pleasantly surprised when we stepped into the tiny eatery O’Pao in the lively neighbourhood of Karama one weekend. This tiny shop with beautiful graffiti walls was filled with people enjoying Mumbai’s favourite fast food. We opted for an original vada pao, O’Butter Chicken Pao, O’Pulled Lamb Pao, O’Paneer Bhurjee Pao (Scrambled cottage cheese), O’Prawn Balchao Pao, and gulped it down with some masala coke and masala chai.  This tiny eatery is a modern space that celebrates the humble and beloved Pao of Mumbai. We instantly fell in love with the fresh ingredients with familiar Indian fillings, stuffed between soft and scrumptious Pao in vegetarian and non-vegetarian flavours. The taste and the flavour took us back to the railways stations of Mumbai where people throng to eat this spicy stuffing with mint chutney. Don’t miss out on bun muska with the piping hot cup of chai. An ode to the Iranian cafes in Mumbai, this is an extremely special dish for Mumbaikars since the early 1990s. The only right way to eat this dish is to dip your sweet buttery bun into the hot chai and relish every bite. This experience truly felt like a nostalgic joyride. No wonder the place is fast becoming the must-go place for some delicious fast food at an extremely affordable price. This restaurant is Chef Amol Dhote’s passion project. Go there to embrace the spirit, colour and the taste of Mumbai.